What about puppy farming

6th September 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorised

I think there is a misconception of what many calls “Puppy Farmer“.puppy farmer

What is a Puppy farmer? I am sure we would agree on the term; Anyone who breeds dogs for profit.
They say they are LICENSED BREEDERS. Hmmmm, really? License or no license breeding dogs for profit is farming nothing else. There isn’t a true letter in breeder. When we are talking about BREEDING that means making more of that particular something. In this case making more dogs. We can breed grains or other living things too and we do it for profit of course, but we usually use the word -breeding to mean some sort of animal. Horse, fish, dogs, cats, etc.

So is there a true breeder or every breeder is a farmer? I think if we are talking about dog breeding the only “true” breeder would be someone who has a champion dog and breed her once perhaps twice in her life to preserve the quality of that one particular dog. Not motivated by profit like the so called “licensed breeders” aka “puppy farmers”.

In the UK there are a lot of “licensed breeders“. They are also up in arms against anybody that has a dog and the dog gives birth. They see it as a threat to their livelihood as that person with the dog might be just a regular Joe whos dog happened to get pregnant, but still, they think he takes their business away by selling his pups to people that otherwise might buy one from these so called “licensed breeders”, aka puppy farmers.

These “licensed breeders” are also running a huge negative campaign against import dogs which also threatens their livelihood because import dog sellers offer cheaper and healthier dogs than the ones they have.
The United Kingdom had dog import restrictions with very long quarantine time for decades, which stopped the importation of dogs from outside of the UK and created about 10-15% of genetically altered dogs due to inbreeding. Fortunately more and more people in the UK are realizing the need for fresh bloodline and buy import dogs instead. (this includes some responsible “licensed breeders” too).

UK Pet classified websites only allow the average Joe to advertise puppies for sale twice per year (or two litters per year) using the excuse of stopping PUPPY FARMING. But, BUT if you are a “licensed breeder” you can submit the copy of your license to the site owner and they allow you to sell as many as you have. Interesting? Sure is. Letting promoting puppy farming among breeders (farmers) Hypocrisy at work. I am sure these sites are owned by one or more “licensed breeders” or else there would be no letting one advertise as many as they have and restricting the others.

All I can advise is Next time if you are planning to buy a dog, buy your next dog from an average Joe rather then a breeder (farmer). You probably end up with a healthier pup that is coming from a more loving and caring environment. Don’t support puppy farming by buying from a so called “licensed breeder”

We’ve purchased two Yorkies about 8 years ago from a so called (reputable) licensed breeder and both of them have schizophrenic seizures. One has it about twice per month and the other once about every other month. I am suspecting they are also blood related, because of the decades long ban of import dogs in the UK created many inbreed dogs. I am almost certain they are brother/sister regardless of the one month difference in birth date on their pedigree. Yes they are both pedigree and kc registered dogs from a licensed breeder ( puppy farmer).

Most people don’t need to have their dogs kc registered and don’t even need pedigree since they only want a family pet. Never going to enter them into contests and shows. Why pay more and more importantly, why pay more to a puppy farmer?

Don’t think all puppy farmers operating out of sheds and pig pens. many of them have very nice clean setups at home with underfloor heating and tiled walls, proper drainage and feeding and drinking facilities, regular Vet visits to the farm or they drive the pups to the vets, but if they breed the dogs (or cats) for profit regardless of the nice setup they are still puppy farmers.