Lafora, Pra and other marketing gimmicks

10th July 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Import dogs,Uncategorised

Lafora, Pra and other dog illnesses are real. In the UK however many dog breeders are using it as a marketing gimmick to deter buyers from buying puppies from their neighbor and every day folks by psychologically suggesting unless the parents are tested, the babies might get ill later on. This of course is total bullshit, because every living thing gets sick at one point or another. Regular dog owners don’t test their dogs for these and many had never heard of it. Their dog have pups and they are selling them and all of a sudden someone hits them with lafora question.
The average British person easily influenced and they believe if they only buy from breeders who had their parent dog tested they won’t have a sick dog in the future.

Same with KC registration. Most people have no idea what it is, but in Britain most buyers ask if a dog is KC registered.
This is due to marketing by the same breeders to protect their profit.

Breeders using these gimmicks because they want to get all dog buyers. They fanatically defend their position as something of an honest thing to do. They hate people who have a dog and that dog gives birth. Some of them goes as far as calling the owner and asking questions that intimidate their ownership of pups.

So next time don’t fall for lafora and pra and other dog illness tricks. that’s all they are, marketing tricks.

Of course some dogs has lafora and pra and some other stuff, but considering that 10-15 percent of british dogs are genetically defective due to inbreeding due to the decades long quarantine requirements, the question perhaps right. But since you can’t really advertise import dogs in britain the fresh blood is not allowed by the breeders association which of course are utterly against import dogs.

Fortunately more and more breeders realize the mistake of the past and importing dogs now that the quarantine rules are abandoned and perhaps with time the lafora and pra questions will seize.
Until that time if you are a dog lover and can give unconditional love to them, buy your next puppy from your neighbor and not from breeders because with the breeder you might have a high chance of genetic defect which could be lafora or pra or a slew of other ailments due to inbreeding.

There is no guarantee of any living thing will be healthy all their life. So buy your dog from the neighbor with confidence and I guarantee you, your new pup won’t be sicker than the one from the breeder who sells them for twice as much.