Bringing a Dog to the UK from Europe

21st August 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Import dogs

Bringing a dog to the UK from the EU is pretty simple since January 2012. All you need is in the following order. A pet passport, a microchip implanted, valid rabies vaccination and worm treatment.

The pet passport is issued by the veterinarian where you take your dog.
Very important; the microchip must be implanted first. The rabies vaccination after the microchip. (If the date of the microchip in the passport is later then the date of the rabies vaccination they won’t let the dog into the UK. As stupid as it sounds it is the law and they stick to it at the border control.

The worm treatment is only valid for 120 hours, but 24 hours has to pass after giving it to the dog before it is allowed into the UK. So the best thing is to have it done at least 24 hours before you cross the border to the UK.