Why buy import dogs

As we know in the UK up until January 2012 one could only bring in a dog from another country if the dog went through blood test 6 months quarantine and what else and even a pup would have been about 11 months old before he could enter the country.

This created decades long problems for breeders who knowingly or unknowingly were breeding their stock with relations (inbreeding). The result is about 10-15% of the UK bred dogs have some sort of genetic defect. I was not born and raised in the UK, but when moved here and started to get involved with dogs, I was surprised about all the questions people were asking. Did the dog had this kind of test, that kind of test. Took me a while to figure out the cause of these questions.

Now that one can bring a dog into the United kingdom with only a Pet passport and rabies vaccination hopefully the inbreeding practice will stop.

More and more responsible breeders are realising the need for fresh blood and importing dogs from another country, mostly from Eastern Europe as the prices there are much lower then in the UK. Also many buyers are taking advantage of the new laws and buying healthier dogs from Eastern Europe that cost much less then buying from a British breeder and will cost them less in Vet bills too on the long run.