• Lafora, Pra and other marketing gimmicks

    10th July 2016

    Lafora, Pra and other dog illnesses are real. In the UK however many dog breeders are using it as a marketing gimmick to deter buyers from buying puppies from their neighbor and every day folks by psychologically suggesting unless the parents are tested, the babies might get ill later on. This of course is total bullshit, because […]

  • What about puppy farming

    6th September 2015

    I think there is a misconception of what many calls “Puppy Farmer“. What is a Puppy farmer? I am sure we would agree on the term; Anyone who breeds dogs for profit. They say they are LICENSED BREEDERS. Hmmmm, really? License or no license breeding dogs for profit is farming nothing else. There isn’t a […]

  • Bringing a Dog to the UK from Europe

    21st August 2015

    Bringing a dog to the UK from the EU is pretty simple since January 2012. All you need is in the following order. A pet passport, a microchip implanted, valid rabies vaccination and worm treatment. The pet passport is issued by the veterinarian where you take your dog. Very important; the microchip must be implanted […]